Pemina / Kalleh Crispy Mix


Pemina / Kalleh Crispy Mix bucket is sent as a gift by Pemina company through online platforms to the target customers.

The purpose of designing and producing this product is to create awareness of all kinds of fried chicken, fried shrimp and Kentucky Pemina products, among the target audience with a new and different style.

The client’s brief included the following items: a modern and up-to-date, youthful and lively design, different from the existing designs in the market, and the Persian and English logotype design, suitable for the design style. Finally, according to the client’s brief and numerous studies, the idea of designing the Pemina Crispy Mix bucket was formed and implemented in 360 degrees.

In such a way that all the products rotate around the bucket and are not placed only in a certain part of it.

In addition, some target audiences (such as those who are interested in preparing fast and delicious food, or who have a tight time to cook and prefer to prepare ready-made meals) were illustrated and designed in combination with Persian and English logotypes in minimal and linear form.