Domino’s plain and flavored milk


Domino Dairy and Ice Cream Company has operated in the dairy and ice cream market of Iran since the form officially started in 2010.

This is a rebranding project of Tetra Pak plain milk and flavored milk packaging design.

The objective of designing the plain and flavored milk packaging of Domino’s Dairy Co. was to move away from the old products & existing designs in the milk market, such as the image of milk splash, bottle of milk glass, or pouring milk into a glass and create an attractive and appealing packaging.

Instead, in a simple and minimal way, a kind and very lovely cow character is created in the style of illustration of textbooks and childhood stories. The nostalgic form, catchy smile and innocent and kind look of this cow do not let the audience or customer pass by it easily.

On the other hand, it has been designed in a way that the brand, product title, cow image and product taste image can be easily seen and recognized at first glance.

In the design of Domino’s one-liter milk packaging, in addition to the independent identity of each milk package, It is also thought of as part of a larger arrangement on the store shelf. As if the kind cow is moving and walking on the packages along with a herd of cows.

The brand, product title, cow image, and product taste image are separated and designed in such a way that the audience can easily recognize all four items at first glance.

Another distinctive feature of this packaging is the use of friendly and handwritten typography to display the type of product. Also, the circulation of the cow’s body to the side panel leads the audience’s eyes to the side faces of the package.