Sometimes Musical Album


Sometimes Musical Album

The packaging design project for the musical album “Sometimes” was conceived with the aim of merging its musical concept with a design that captures the essence of the proposed concept, which states that angels fall sometimes. This album was intended to be released during the winter season, taking advantage of the cold and melancholic atmosphere that characterizes this time of year.

The color palette will focus on cool tones, especially blue, to represent the depth of feelings and the mysterious connection between heaven and earth. Touches of beige to white can be added to soften the palette and symbolize the light.

The “S” in the logo of this musical album represents the wings of an angel, which are present on the cover where the album will open, implying that spreading one’s wings is the first step for angels as they venture into a world full of mysteries and experiences to live.

The finishes of the musical album will feature a holographic laminate effect to further highlight the blue tones, and it will be made of a durable material to ensure it can be placed in any space without the risk of opening or breaking. The album’s enclosure, where the discs, photos, lyrics, etc., are located, will be closed with a magnet for easier handling when closing the packaging.

The concept of the album revolves around the idea that, despite the kindness and light these individuals radiate, their lives are marked by a series of obstacles and adversities that eventually lead them to lose the ability to do many things that once seemed simple and insignificant. These obstacles can manifest themselves in various forms, such as illnesses, losses, emotional traumas, or disappointments. Over time, these experiences erode the vitality and hope of these individuals, yet in the end, there is a sense of resignation and acceptance, where those angels, despite having fallen, find that light back to heaven.