Dai Bach Coffee Packaging Design

Haness Design

27 Đ. số 6, Tam Phú, Thủ Đức, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Dai Bach coffee packaging design project

Customer: Dai Bach Company

Designed by: Haness Design

Muong Ang, the valley at the foot of Tang Quai pass in Dien Bien, has long been a famous coffee center in the Northwest. With an altitude of 700m to 1,700m above sea level, Muong Ang’s climate and soil are very suitable for growing coffee. Muong Ang coffee has high quality and unique flavor, unlike any other region.

Dai Bach is known as a pioneer company in bringing the Muong Ang coffee brand to domestic and foreign customers. Dai Bach Coffee’s packaging is designed based on the identity of the Thai ethnic people as well as clearly showing the characteristics of this Northwest region.


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