Everest Spices, International Packaging

Ruchi Shah


Everest Spices, an Indian spice company founded in 1967, is launching a global campaign to position itself in the United States, the Middle East, Singapore, Australia, and Africa. The company has discovered that there is no product placement or positioning in the export market. To address this, they have developed a new, hypothetical product line and packaging specifically for foreign nationals and Indians living abroad, focusing on a diverse range of spices.

We come up with the following product range: Khicuri Masala is a savoury, simple dish that is a classic in India. The design is influenced by West Bengal’s culture, comfort, and festive elements. Makhni Masala is a delicious meal with thick gravy. The design is based on the culture and skill of Punjab, where the meal originated. Korma Masala, a luxury delight. The design is inspired by the Mughal culture left in India, as evidenced by the warm delicacy of the language.

The product is packaged in a way that does not respond to moisture or other qualities, as evidenced by a user research of spices kept in the fridge. The packaging is simple and carefully designed to stand out on worldwide markets, with a Window to India theme.


Institute – GLS Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

 – Prof. Pritesh Bhatia
Prof. Jaimin Bhavsar

Students –
Ruchi Shah            [Graphic Design]

Parth Patel             [Industrial Design]

Shreyo Debnath     [Graphic Design]