In this Curator’s Insight, 327 creative studio really went above and beyond to create a unique and memorable collection of sparkling wines!

327 creative studio ditched the boring “same label for all” approach and instead crafted seven distinct patterns, each one a visual poem reflecting the personality of a specific wine. Imagine walking into a store and seeing these bottles – they’d instantly grab your attention!

Forget just reading about the wine! This design uses typography and shapes to create an abstract impression of the taste. Think playful bubbles for a brut, or flowing curves for a smooth rosé.

The use of vibrant colors and geometric shapes ensures each bottle has its own personality, but the matte foil and rough paper create a cohesive theme, tying everything together. It’s like a beautiful jazz performance where each instrument shines, but they all contribute to the overall harmony.

 The debossed effect with the foil adds a touch of luxury and a tactile experience. Imagine running your fingers over the cool paper and feeling the raised shapes – a subtle invitation to explore the wine further!

I love how this project pushes the boundaries of packaging. It doesn’t just tell you about the wine; it makes you feel it! It’s a perfect example of how good design can elevate a product and turn it into something truly special. Imagine if these bottles could somehow interact with each other! Maybe when placed side-by-side, the patterns create a bigger picture or tell a story. That would be an extra layer of magic to the collection!