From our land to your table — by Sogrape

Born out of love and appreciation of the land, this range of products shares the flavours and characters of all Sogrape terroirs. The story that paved the way to create these exceptional products is the same that led to the sourcing from unusual grape varieties and beautiful trees on Sogrape’s different estates — where biodiversity and sustainability play a meaningful role.

“From our land to your table” was the motto chosen to unveil the unique characteristics of the product while positioning the product in the premium market segment.

Based on the irregular contours created by using the chutneys and jams, we have developed several shapes spread out on the entire packaging. Vivid and flashy colours, outstanding materials and superior finishes reflect the excellence of this remarkable product.


327 Creative Studio


Paper. AveryDennison

Type. Sharp Type

Print. RCM Etiquetas

Copy. Soraia Martins
Art Direction: 327 Creative Studio
Photography: 327 Creative Studio