Namaskar Ayurved is a cosmetics brand based in India, committed to creating products sourced from clean, natural, chemical-free ingredients, ensuring the highest efficacy while staying true to the roots of Ayurveda. Brands’ customers await a world-class Ayurvedic product that delivers this science’s goodness through pure, high-performing products manufactured with the best quality ingredients. In order to achieve this, Namaskar crafted its brand ethos, product quality, packaging, and design specifically for a quality-conscious and selective global consumer.

The brand identity designed for Namaskar Ayurveda had as its primary purpose the perfect blend between small elements of Indian roots and a minimal aesthetic, characteristic of international brands, showing a contemporary and modern look and feel. Matured at its core, the typographically driven identity system takes advantage of a powerful combination of typefaces, exploring its visual presentation through the depiction of shapes and text breaks. The colour palette is made of warm hues, reminiscent of Indian spices (Haldi, saffron and red chilli powder) and lilac — a fresh and contemporary tone — creating a perfect balance on the brand identity. Each jar was carefully chosen, with frosted coloured glass with screen print. In order to add a distinct look to the range of products, the black matte squared bottles were custom designed by us, enfolded by a coloured label highlighting the brand colours. As part of a global identity project, we also took on the production, art direction and creative photography of the Namaskar products, where all the scenarios were thought out in detail, according to the brand identity.