Transcendecadence Album

Helo Creative

Prague, Czechia

This project focused on developing a CD digipack design and promotional materials for Transcendecadence, a Berlin-based band led by Victoria Priester. Their sound is a unique blend of punky ukulele, bluesy guitar, funky bass, and synthesizers, culminating in a psychedelic post-punk experience.

To visually encapsulate their sound, the design adopts a contemporary aesthetic marked by vibrant colour contrasts that radiate a modern yet retro vibe, resonating with the band’s dynamic energy and style fusion. Vivid blues and purples dominate the visual space, giving the design an electric, neon-like quality that wraps the nostalgia with a fresh, digital edge, hinting at the band’s influences and the eras their music draws from. Clean sans-serif typography and the use of text overlays introduce a modern element, evoking a digital interface that bridges the vintage with the new.

The promotional materials aimed to promote concert dates and the album release, with a unified visual identity.

Working closely with the band ensured the designs reflected Transcendecadence’s essence, representing their music visually and aligning with the band’s vision.