Barão Rodrigues – Tinto Cão

Pé de cabra - Design Agency

Braga, Portugal

Barão Rodrigues – Tinto Cão

Design: Pé de cabra – Design Agency

Wine: Vinho Regional Alentejo

Client: Herdade do Menir

Vinho Tinto Cão is Pé de Cabra’s most recent creation, and it has a very special history. “The story of this wine is very funny. Why Tinto Cão? First of all, because it is a grape variety that we have had for many years in one of our vineyards, and for the first time we risked making 100% with it. Then, because during one of the last harvests, an abandoned, malnourished and very scared dog appeared on our property. The first thing she ate was a grape berry. Since that day we have called her Grape, and today she is our faithful friend, who deserves to be highlighted on the label of this wine. Personally, it’s the best way to say that I love her, that I’m grateful for all the nights out, even in the rain, that she waits for me at the cellar door, that I love how well she hunts, despite the tremendous effort in trying to show me otherwise. ”