Cabeza De Piedra Edición Especial

Jo Ignacio

Cabeza de Piedra, a special red blend from Chile The request was to develop a design that could connote a closeness to the world of distilled beverages, reinforced by the type of bottle and the style of the wrap-around label.

The main market where this product will be launched is Brazil, to then expand its sale to markets such as Asia and the USA. Its original design features the iconic figures of the Moai from Easter Island in the foreground, with a die-cut contour in the center that grabs the consumer’s attention. To reinforce the organic and natural message of the wine, a material for the label from Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, called EDEN FSC, was used, containing 40% dry grass fibers.

Additionally, subtle details of the island and its location were incorporated, made with matte gold hot-stamping, highlighting the relief of the map. It also features raised areas and volumetric screen printing.