Dulce Romance Eau de Parfum


R. Francisco Roque - Cariús, CE, 63530-000, Brasil

Explore the enchanting and seductive universe of Dulce Romance, a perfume that celebrates strength, uniqueness and magnetism. Each spray is a unique sensory journey,
inviting you to immerse yourself in sophistication and allure. Combining Sicilian Lemon, Jasmine and Peony, this exuberant composition lends freshness and elegance. Sandalwood brings softness and warmth, while Patchouli adds mystery. 🍋✨🧡

Creamy Amber and enveloping Musk complete this olfactory masterpiece, emanating luxury and sensuality. Dulce Romance is an expression of personality, a declaration of confidence and an invitation to explore the limits of your own charm. Let yourself be enveloped by this olfactory symphony and discover the transformative power of a fragrance exceptional.🧡✨🍋

Location: Brazil

Industry: Flora pura

Photography: Matheus Bernardo

Formulation technical manager: Leidiana Lucena & Laise Miguel ( formulation technical assistant)

Creative designer: Nowgrid Design

Contact us: [email protected]



R. Francisco Roque - Cariús, CE, 63530-000, Brasil
Marcos Vinicius: Nowgrid
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