TRANSIT – Logistics Packaging Design

Creative Concept Branding

New York, NY, USA

TRANSIT – Logistics Packaging Design

TRANSIT is a transportation and logistics company that prides itself on fast and reliable delivery. To maintain a strong brand identity and ensure brand recall, we at CCB, have innovatively designed TRANSIT’s packaging. The packaging design aims to:

1) Emulate Logistics Containers:

  • By making the boxes and cartons look like miniature logistics containers, we create a strong visual connection to the logistics industry.
  • This design choice enhances the authenticity and reinforces the brand’s core business function.

2) Brand Consistency:

  • The unique packaging helps customers immediately recognize TRANSIT deliveries.
  • It ensures that every touchpoint, from logo to packaging, reflects the brand’s dedication to reliability and efficiency.

By combining these elements, TRANSIT’s visual identity and packaging distinctly convey its commitment to fast, reliable, and trustworthy service. This cohesive design approach helps in establishing a strong and memorable brand presence in the transportation and logistics sector.

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Agency: Creative Concept Branding, Gujarat, India

Graphic Designers: Parv Jani, Manushi Gohel