The task

The goal of this project was to create an authentically opulent packet of nuts tailored to prestigious stores which strictly sell limited-edition items. In addition to the creative design execution, the package includes intricately woven typographic printing to cultivate the projects visual effect.

The solution

The main theme of this concept lies in the symbolic depiction of the tree of life. The tree of life which acts as the connection between all sentient beings on our planet serves as a metaphor for a common evolutionary genesis – from a little nut containing the key elements for the emergence of life through the entire development of a far reaching tree. The nut contains a blueprint for the future tree’s development.

The process of vital activity within are sluggish and barely noticeable when it is small and at rest, but once you found yourself in a nurturing environment, these processes are awakened and a miracle of rapid growth begins to materialize.  – The birth of life occurs. We intended to express the idea that each nut contains a hidden remarkable energy through the use of intricate design elements used with the project. These elements combined with our powerful illustrations help us to illustrate the potential of each nut and its unique inner essence.