velha condessa


This spirit is the result of a careful selection of the best wine spirits obtained using traditional methods and an aging process in oak wood that summarizes a tradition of more than 75 years at Caves da Cerca in the production and aging of exceptional spirits.

Pure spirits aged in oak barrels, the maximum potential of the original spirit was achieved through traditional methods. It has an aroma of spices and wood with a smooth and persistent flavor.

What is unique? A unique packaging inspired by the arts of ancestors.

The use of the cameo as the maximum symbol for product identification (old countess) The use of the pearl (blue) according to the alcoholic percentage classification, (the color of the pearl changes depending on the alcoholic percentage)

  •  Ruby – 40%
  • Amethyst – 36%
  • Amber/citrine – 40%
  • Emerald – 40%
  • Diamond – 50%

The coat of arms here marks the quality and excellence of the product. The lower area contains the product description and a guarantee seal containing the signatures of the product masters.