the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

Creative Agency: the Labelmaker
Designer: Jordan Jelev
Typography: Ropa Soft Pro by Lettersoup
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Bottle: Agape by Saverglass
Paper: Jade Raster by Mante
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Bulgaria
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Materials: Glass, paper, cork, aluminium

Z wine labels are exclusively designed for the premium wine range of Zelanos Winery. This is where the big Z comes from.

We did this label in 2014 and it was real fun we will never forget. Honestly we are very proud of this wine label design because it is fully based on typography and the play of positive and negative spaces. In aspects of typography Z letter is very simple yet very interesting as it is a combination of two parallel lines connected with a diagonal stroke. In other aspects these are two symmetrical rectangles with a solid space between them. We decided to use these different ways of human perception and practically cut a serif Z letter off the surface of the rectangular self adhesive stripe. Simple and effective – the result amazed even us! The dieline of the label was very strange because the wide diagonal stroke separated the rectangle into two parts creating the feeling for the human eye that this gap between is the letter Z and you are able to touch the glass bottle through the label. Then we decided to keep the label as clean and simple as possible and leave maximum attention to the large Z in the middle. We also wanted to have a premium paper and we picked our favorite Jade Raster by Manter. Additionally we decided to print a pattern at the bottom part of the label with small Z letters using blind embossing. The result was beyond what we expected because we achieved very fine details which made the overall look of this typographic label even more attractive. The soft pearl finish and the fine grains of the paper surface are the first impression when you have the bottle in your hands. Left and right side of the labels are reserved for texts in English and Bulgarian, alcohols etc. We also printed the calligraphic Zelanos logo with copper hot foil. Classic cork closure is used. Capsules are branded with the Zelanos logo.

We really enjoyed this typographic wine label design where we had once-in-a-lifetime chance to express our love to letterforms and, as we believe, create a timeless piece of art.