thinkThin Protein and Superfruit


Pasadena, CA, USA

Creative Agency: BC Design Haus
Food Photographer: Jon Edwards
Food Stylist: Ana Osgood
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: thinkThin
Location: Los Angeles, United States of America
Packaging Contents: Protein and Superfruit Bar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Foil Wrapper and Carton
Printing Process: Roto Gravure (Wrapper) and Offset (Carton) with Spot Varnish printing effect on both the wrapper and the carton.

BC Design Haus, a strategic package design & branding agency in the Los Angeles area, was given an initial challenge to help differentiate the new line extension from thinkThin, the makers of nutritious protein food and beverage products. Protein & Superfruit provides a combination of fruit and vegetable ingredients in a baked protein bar. It is a different eating experience altogether therefore, calling-out that point-of-difference needed to speak volumes on the primary display panel. In addition, the objectives were also to visually position the brand as a premium offering, yet stay within the design language of the current line look. The current packaging is clean utilizing white space, a handful of brand colors, along with the support of beautiful photography to create strong appetite appeal.

What’s Unique?
Understanding these parameters, BC Design Haus looked into different approaches to the challenge. They agreed that a unique logo was necessary to develop. The font was chosen for its whimsical and casual nature. Exploring color was another strategy to help bring-it-to-life. They recommended a vibrant, bold color palette, assigning each flavor with a color. In addition, they printed spot varnish on the pantone colors to emphasize the premium positioning. Having an experienced food photographer and talented stylist team was something BC Design Haus wanted to leverage on this project. They experimented with perspective, filters, and food composition. Lastly, they decided to design the packaging within a vertical format vs. horizontal, which is what the consumer would expect in the base brand. The results continue to delight thinkThin loyalist and new consumers creating buzz for the brand at retail.