Staedtler Colour Pencils (48 shades)

Mehul Agarwal

The aim of this project was to design a packaging for Staedtler Luna Aquarell 48 shades water colour pencils such that it is sturdy and reusable, compact and provides easy organisation of pencils before and after usage.

Tha packaging can be used as a stand that helps: 

  1. Standing orientation coupled with slots for colour segregation reduces time needed to search for required shade of coloured pencils.
  2. Easel inspired design reduces footprint and saves space in a busy work area. All colours are displayed well, improving the accessibility of shades.
  3. 75% recycled PET body fits well with Staedtler’s sustainability goals. Moreover, durability of the design makes it reusable.

Over time, this packaging can have alternate uses one being that it can be used as a pen and a pencil stand.

The graphics consist of a serene illustration depicting ‘Luna’ (Moon) on a peaceful night, representing the catharsis one experiences while expressing themselves through the colour pencils.