Catador Itinerante | A new way of whisky by Jacomy & Mayne

Jacomy Mayne Studio

Mendoza, Capital, Provincia de Mendoza, Argentina

Catador Itinerante is a pioneering independent bottler exclusively devoted to global whiskies.

His inspiration is drawn from the journeys of historical itinerant theater troupes. Just as these troupes traveled from one location to another without a set destination, discovering experiences and seeking to find fortune at each stop, Catador Itinerante perceived the capability to unearth hidden treasures of the whisky world on every journey possible. The essence of itinerancy itself drives its philosophy.

There are genuine gems in the whisky world that deserve to be discovered and enjoyed in other lands. That is why each of these individual casks has been carefully selected and bottled so that this experience of diversity and uniqueness can be unveiled. This isn’t merely about discovering whiskies; it is about the exploration of culture, heritage, and tradition of diverse places.

Each whisky comes from a different part of the world – some from remote lands, and some others from well-known regions – that is why a decorative stamp accompanies each label, indicating the country of origin and telling a little about the history and soul of the whisky.

For Catador Itinerante, whisky transcends its role as a mere beverage; it becomes an open book for storytelling, a celebration of human creativity, and a testament of craftsmanship and artistry in the spirits world.

This is the first edition of the series that Catador Itinerante will be bottling through his journeys.

So, this is not a common whisky collection, this is a window to the world that has been opened.