David Byerlee

Adelaide SA, Australia

Nest, South Australia’s latest beachside cafe and wine brand, is situated just steps from the beautiful sands at Kingston Park Beach. Proudly founded by the Rogers family, who are no strangers to the local café scene and the wine industry.

In the 1980s, their family settled in McLaren Vale, taking over a vineyard property previously named ‘El Nido’ (Spanish for ‘The Nest’). They affectionally continued with the property name, becoming proud custodians to enjoy the beautiful and vast home as a place to grow and to be nurtured.

The decision to name their new café and wine brand ‘Nest’ was a natural fit, honouring their cherished upbringing. This exciting chapter also marks their first venture into branded wines made from their own vineyard’s grapes, which were previously sold to neighbouring wineries.

Nest’s new cafe is their home away from home. It’s an architecturally designed space where guests can enjoy stunning views, food, coffee, and wines produced from their vineyard. Like their childhood home in McLaren Vale, it represents a place to relax, to be fed and taken care of.

Clean and elegant by design, Nest’s branding features minimalist tones and textures reflective of the land, and the wines they’ve crafted. The logo subtly incorporates an egg and nest motif, symbolising the nurturing spirit of their childhood home and café.