SYNOVA – Fruit Concentrates


Bangkok, Thailand

Synova is a leading manufacturer and distributor of beverage and bakery ingredients trusted by top-tier restaurant and café brands both in Thailand and internationally. It was founded and brought together by professional chefs and food scientists dedicated to producing high-quality products and consistently driving the beverage and food industry forward.

Under the Synova brand, a wide range of products includes various beverage ingredients such as fruit concentrates and rich sauces with different flavors. We conceptualize diversity in flavors akin to a vibrant array of blooming flowers, each bursting with its own unique color and flavor, creating a sensory experience that is full of life. This concept is complemented by patterns resembling fabric textures, adding intricacy and interest.

To achieve this, we utilize three interchangeable floral pattern designs, combined in a unique composition, enhanced by textile-like textures to create sophistication and allure. These patterns can be customized with new color schemes to match the flavor profile of each beverage product. Additionally, we have selected a color palette with rich tones to convey the richness of the product’s flavor and the luxury of the Synova brand.