Bangkok, Thailand

Creative Agency: Sealburger
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Packaging Contents: Aroma Balm, Spa
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

SENSPA BALM has carefully selected various flowers to create special blends of balm that will melt down all your stress and tiredness with a soothing exotic scent. These pleasing formulas will also improve your blood circulation. Our selections of Thai Jasmine, Lotus, Lavender, Orange, and Champa flower, are packed within portable bottles beautifully decorated by flower motives according to that bottle’s fragrance.

“Absolutely Aromatic” is the heart of this design. Aside from the aesthetic concern, the flowery decoration of each bottle is crafted to best communicate the inner beautiful scent to buyers at the first glance.

Goninetyone uses hand-drawing techniques to create the delightfully plump flower patterns. These patterns are delicately positioned to allow for seamless continuation between the outer and inner designs. It is done in order to maximise the artistic appeal of the products on the display shelf.

What’s Unique?
We have an illustration of 5 kinds flower patterns that seamless continuation between the outer and inner designs.