VistaCafe Frozen Batters & Bakery Mixes Powder


Bangkok, Thailand

Agency: Sealburger
Art / Graphic Director: Teerawat Puttavorachai
Photographer / Retoucher: schoolofheartrock
Food Stylist: appa.styling
Location: Thailand
Project Type: Produced
Client: VistaCafe By Verasu
Product Launch Location: Thailand
Packaging Contents: Bakery Mixes Powder
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

VistaCafe is a premium ready-to-bake homemade brand. With the brand essence of ‘Healthy and Tasty’, VistaCafe products are carefully selected from high-quality ingredients. Enjoy your wonderful and healthy breakfast and snack at home with a few easy steps from frozen batters. Just bake and it is ready to serve. Or if you prefer spending your bakery time with your family, our convenient mixes are just perfect for you. VistaCafe comes with various menus, not only a bakery but also dessert and Thai snacks. The heart of creating these delicious products is all about making your life easier and healthier. Consumers’ health is the most important key.

Appetizing, healthy, and friendly is our mood and tone from creating this packaging design. In order to communicate that feeling, we create the overall look is a clean, soft, and light tone, which helping our dishes to stand out from the background. We want the consumer to feel that they could cook this menu at their home. So the photo shooting style is designed to homemade touch. The background is the cooking station with dropped flour and other prepared ingredients are set carefully. Every photo is shot in an extra-wide size, so it could be placed continually to the back of the packaging. So when the packaging is on the shelf, the photos in packaging will be connected continually, which could create a stunning display to consumers.

Moreover, we use the graphic of the tartan ribbon in different colors to sort each product. One-color is for each menu. This tiny graphic could create a friendly look. At the back of the packaging, there is an illustration of instruction which guide every step of cooking and portion size for serving.