Manuia Superfood Smoothies


Bangkok, Thailand

Creative Agency: Sealburger
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Manuia
Location: Bangkok
Packaging Contents: Juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium Pouch
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Imagine how good it would be, if the busy employee like you could have the better health, even in a rush hour.

Manuia is a super-food smoothie made from grains and fruits. It contains most of essential nutrients that will boost up your body for better health and refreshing in every morning. Its portable size is just perfect and easy for drinking in the hurry morning. For additional tip, the overnight frozen will create another way of texture tasting.

In Hawaiian language, ‘Manuia’ means happy. In this case, that could means the happiness from being healthy from drinking this essential nutrients smoothie. The beverage are hi-lighted on the natural ingredient. After analyse the brief, we list out three main points to create and inspire our design.

  1. Refreshment and Friendly look
  2. Hawaiian tropical style
  3. Nutrient concentration and natural from all of the ingredients (no food additives)

We use that distinguished point, the natural and tropical ingredients as the main element of design work. We draw and layout them aesthetically in layers to remind the image of Hawaiian tropical rainforest. Moreover we add an illustration of Macaws to represent the friendly look and safe (no chemical or food additives), as Macaws eat fruits directly.

Overalls, we carefully select all colors to be harmony, tasty and natural, by denying choosing too bright color. In order to create the nature look, we use the texture of the wall, old crumpled paper and leaf fibber as the background.

The design work is printed on Aluminium pouch, covered with matte coating. By the variety of flavors, the different color and informative stickers are put on each pouch. This method could save the manufacturing cost and stocking.

What’s Unique?
We are inspired by the unique and sense of Hawaiian. The combination of textures, such as the wall, old crumpled paper could create another mood of design work.