München, Deutschland

We created a unique modular room fragrance experience to use at home. The idea is that you can create your own individual fragrance at any time. Inspired by the perfume world, there is a base, heart and top note, which remain in the room for different lengths of time.

Depending on the mood (based on aromatherapy), the individual notes can be re-stacked and adapted very easily in no time at all (lemon or grapefruit as a mood enhancer, energy, lavender and vetiver for relaxation, etc.) This home fragrance kit therefore adapts to any life situation or environment (work, movie night, dinner with friends, etc.) At the same time, the fragrance should also embellish the room as a design object and not be immediately identified as a room scent only. The goal was to move away from sticks, lamps or other conventional diffuser designs and into a new interior aesthetic feature.