elline – Treasures Of Youth


München, Deutschland

Agency: Bakic Design GmbH
Creative Director: Matthias Pach
Art Director: Susanne Kirner
Location: Germany
Project Type: Produced
Client: Swiss Premium Cosmetics
Primary Packaging Supplier: Bakic Packaging GmbH
Secondary Packaging Supplier: Karl Knauer KG
Product Launch Location: United Arab Emirates
Packaging Contents: Premium Skin Care
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle and jar, plastic airless and bottles, cardboard boxes
Printing Process: Screen printing, digital printing, foil stamping, lacquering, lamination

For an industry that hasn’t experienced a lot of disruption in quite some time, elline Switzerland has swooped in and disrupted the status quo. With its ‘Treasures of Youth’ Collection, elline has created the world’s first Swiss, vegan & halal certified, premium cosmetics brand uniting incredibly effective skincare with strict values. All products are cruelty-free and produced according to the strictest vegan and halal purity criteria and the highest Swiss quality standards. Proven and innovative active ingredients were carefully selected and sourced to guarantee rapid, lasting results for discerning customers.

elline’s sumptuous recipes blend uncompromising purity with pure luxury to create the essence of perfect beauty. The anti-aging range is based on a unique and effective formulation of gold crystals, precious hyaluronic acid, pure Swiss glacier water and rare edelweiss extract, produced for elline in the Swiss Alps at heights of more than 1,500 meters. The recipes are complemented by precious essences that nourish your skin, support the revitalization processes, improve the skin’s natural protective functions and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections. Indulge in a luxurious beauty ritual that lends your skin an incomparable glow with the ‘Treasures of Youth’ collection.

What’s Unique?
The folding box of elline Switzerland – in English “the shining one” is the world’s first luminous packaging based on HiLight – smart LEDs® in the cosmetics industry. The luxurious packaging is an exceptional eyecatcher and underpins the exclusivity of the product outstandingly. The concept of brand name and product promise – radiant, glowing skin through application of the serum – also comes into play in the packaging: When you open the packaging, the words “Treasures of Youth” light up. As a result, the customer not only experiences a unique wow moment at the POS, but above all at home as well.

The luminous effect is made possible by the innovative “HiLight – smart LEDs®” technology, with which light can be integrated ultra-thin in cardboard. The light embodies pure innovation, valence and the best quality, which are involuntarily associated with the brand promise of elline Switzerland. The lighting effect creates a particularly good connection between the packaging design and the product, as the gold particles contained in the serum should equally provide radiant moments. Apart from the light, the finishing concept of the packaging is also very extensive: an interplay of foil lamination, two-fold hot foil stamping and soft-touch lacquer enables the product to be presented in a particularly high quality and has an impressively pleasant feel. Thanks to the laser stamping of the “Treasures of Youth” logo, the glow is outstanding. The sliding carton can be easily and intuitively pulled through an integrated band. The anti-aging serum, embedded in a velvet-covered inlay, comes to the fore.