München, Deutschland

Creative Agency: Bakic Design
Creative Director: Matthias Pach
Art Directors: Susanne Kirner, Anne Knobloch
Photographer: Derek Henthorn
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bärbel Drexel GmbH
Location: Munich, Germany
Packaging Contents: Cosmetic, Nutritional Supplements
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottles, plastic, paper, cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing, foil stamping

Sustainable and in tune with nature is how Bärbel Drexel presents itself to its customers. The goal of relaunch was to identify the brand essence, make it visually accessible, thus addressing a younger target group, and to standardise the packaging image. Therefor a brand identity and visual language were created that remind of a modern natural laboratory without conflicting with traditional naturopathy. The product portfolio was restructured; the packaging design was made clear with an expressive colour code and the logo with a bronze embossing for premiumisation. These design elements were carried over on to all communication materials.

What’s Unique?
Holistic brand design relaunch beginning at the brand core and implementation over all design disciplines