Designed by Parker Williams, United Kingdom.

Parker Williams creates new snacking brand with a BIG personality.

Parker Williams has created the naming, identity and graphic design for Llama’s, a range of fun savoury snacks as part of Tesco’s venture brand strategy.

Our brief was very simple – shake up the savoury snack aisle in Tesco with a new brand idea that is BIG on personality.

Our response was to create a brand champion that was quirky and completely unique, with a strong character that would be central to the brand story.
Pack copy was created by Goosebumps and built around the idea of ‘one mammal’s mission to rid the world of boring snacks.’

Tamara Williams, co-founder and creative Planner said, “From our early sketches we all fell in love with the Llama. His comically dismissive, slightly mad arrogant look made us laugh out loud. He would be the ultimate product perfectionist, and snacking guru! A Llama of extraordinary good taste, bringing us snacking bites with a big kick of flavour.”

Strong, punchy colours and character based typography help to frame our charismatic champion as he continues his ‘rant’ through all communications around the pack; from the individual flavour descriptions to the BAAAaaah code information and the more mundane “Best munched before.”

Llama’s is a brand to be reckoned with, and although our Llama (real name Nicholas) is really from Ashdown Forest Park in Kent, his posturing and bristling passion make him a noisy new player in the snack aisle.