Evolution vs Revolution (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Josh Sanders
School: Academy of Art University
Location: San Francisco, United States
Instructor: Tom McNulty / Package Design 4 class

The brief for this project called for a redesign of a product in the alcohol/ spirits category. More specifically, the focus was to design an “evolutionary” design and a “revolutionary” design. The brand that I chose to redesign was Stolichnaya Vodka (Stoli). Stolichnaya Vodka is one of the leading brands in the vodka market, yet I believe that their label does not necessarily portray that. There are almost too many elements thrown on the label and hierarchy could be greatly improved. The building on the label (The Hotel Moskva) is synonymous with the brand and has been on the label for the last decade or so, so I felt that it should be more of a focal point. However, the perspective has been changed over the years in a few of the iterations that have been available on the market—so I went back to the original and correct perspective of the building.

Project completed by Josh Sanders, a graphic design student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The project was for a Package Design 4 class under the direction of Thomas McNulty.

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