Agency: RO New York
Country: United States

Iluminage Beauty’s revolutionary personal care products include an ‘intelligent textile’ Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase, featuring copper oxide to miraculously reduce wrinkles during sleep, an innovative hand-held Skin Smoothing Laser, the iluminageTOUCH hair removal device, for use in the comfort of one’s own home, as well as a 5 piece topical skincare line featuring the brand’s patented ‘Youth Cell’ formula. Rony and his team at RO-New York developed primary and secondary packaging for each of these iluminage products.

Specifically for the Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase, Rony and his team designed a friction-fit tubular box to house the revolutionary product, which doubles as a beautiful merchandising display when opened. For packaging the Skin Smoothing Laser, Rony designed a bi-level box, which upon opening reveals the brand message “Welcome to What Works”, and for the laser product itself, Rony created a faux leather pouch, as well as all additional interior content including the design of power cords and creating content for the in-box DVD material. As for the 5 piece skin care line, Rony created clear tubes sprayed with the brand’s clinical-style blue with a soft gradient camouflaging the inner component, which appear to be floating in light when the products are lit from below, the concept behind the merchandising displays as well as trade show design.

Rony Zeidan is known as an expert in conceptualizing and designing luxury packaging and has worked with such notable brands as Coty, Ralph Lauren Fragrance, Garnier, Celine Dion Fragrance, Carolina Herarra, and Napolean Perdis, to name just a few.