Black Bridge Dried Food

Victor Branding Design


Creative Agency: Victor Branding Design Corp
Type of work: Commercial work
Location: Taiwan

During 1957, in the Tainan province, the strong branding of “black bridge” was built by the strong community. After half a century, the brand image changes into a new phase with a new design, art style showing the delicious heritage.

Victor design created the brand design; the back of the packaging to the whole concept of brand fortune to “Tainan” to “good taste Tainan Walk” as the design framework, Chinese elements at the top of a small icon, symbol the people led by the Department from the “oo-kiô-á (black bridge Aberdeen)”; old and new inject transformation, delicate, figurative visual approach, dark base map, sense to show the brand on years of arts and stability of self-confidence. Main visual design, the use of traditional paper-cut art, supplemented more modern, younger line arts, the interpretation of taste characteristics, in a long strip of the lower window design, showing convenience to consumers.