Biles Inc.
Client: Boutinot Wines
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Content: Wine

What’s that coming over the hill… ‘El Monstruo’, a dark delivery created by Biles Inc. for Boutinot Wines.

Leading UK wine distributor and producer Boutinot has unveiled a new and mysterious Argentinian Malbec – Bonarda from Mendoza called El Monstruo, with packaging created by award winning London agency Biles Inc.

El Monstruo, or ‘The Monster’ celebrates this deep, dark and toothsome wine by taking inspiration form the legend of Ucumar, the Andean Yeti, a lonely beast who is said to dwell in the mountains above Mendoza.

Biles Inc. developed a black label design that sinks into the bottle, much as Ucumar sinks into the night. The design, a fairly monotone affair apart from a couple of small licks of red and gold, features a woodcut illustration of what appears to be simple mountains seen by moonlight. However, there is an eerie surprise lurking.

Anthony Biles, creative director of the London agency said “We wanted to create a sense of foreboding and mystery around El Monstruo, a dark moment caught in time. We employed a trompe-l’oeil graphic effect, creating visual ambiguity, allowing us to leave something in the dark to be discovered, which once seen can never be unseen.”

The result is a design that stands out on shelf through disruption. It doesn’t look like other wine bottles, and consumers are first intrigued and then engaged by the design.

The wine is available throughout the UK in wine specialists, restaurants and through online stores, and retails at around £7.