Salty Snacks (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Agency: Pure Fusion Media
Project Type: Concept
Location: Nashville, USA
Packaging Contents: Snacks and Chips

This design was all about Americana. In response to the bold and loud packaging in the chip/snacks space, we took a more “down home” direction. The Salty Snacks brand banner was designed to look like a classic gas station or diner pylon sign that might have come out of the 1950s. The main background image motif was a consideration of what best states “small town” landmark universally? The Water Tower! The typefaces were retro inspired, but with a hint of modern flavor. This project would have been realized, but we were contracted during the recession and unfortunately the company faded away into the recession.

What’s Unique?
The Water Tower image is a double entendre, addressing both the Americana vibe and the need for water after eating Salty Snacks.