Agency: Blue Stag
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Valley Mill
Location: Cardiff, UK
Packaging Contents: Slate, Soap,
Packaging Materials: Slate, paper, wood

Valley Mill is a luxury home-ware brand, specialising in the production of slate, soaps and other products for the home.

From a local Welsh slate quarry, Valley Mill graft each piece hand to the suit a purpose, from wine racks to table coasters.

Welsh slate is regarded as the highest quality in the world due to the deep blue/grey colour, the texture and flatness of the surface. We wanted the beauty of these products to take centre stage and for the packaging to compliment each unique item. We made use of natural and recycled materials, used minimally, to showcase the individual texture, shape and colour of each of Valley Mills products.

A component of the new Valley Mill identity is a millstone, which reinforces the connection between the natural and hand-grafted products the company produces. This mark acts as a ‘seal of quality’, which is applied to all slate products. The mark is water-blasted into all slate products and bronze painted.