Derrick Lin


Agency: Gelcomm
Client: TELUS Communications
Location: Los Angeles, CA

At Gelcomm we believe in providing consumers with an experience from the moment they interact with a product, the first touch-point. This moment is critical and fleeting, hence the brand and package aesthetic must push through the shelf to make an impact. To put our beliefs to the test as we accepted the challenge to refresh TELUS Communication’s prepaid smartphone packaging. The goal was to redesign TELUS’ prepaid packaging to be more friendly and inviting. TELUS wanted the packaging to serve as a breath of fresh air on the shelf – clean, simple, small, and eco-friendly – and connected to the youth and credit challenged. This redesign was about creating a package that was sustainable and eco-conscious; it was about taking risks. We pushed the envelop by taking the time to craft a design that went beyond the brief and brought a vision to life.

TELUS asked us to respect their brand guidelines and keep the packaging cost within reason. This included minimal cardboard coating, no plastic trays, no foam packaging, no varnished elements that are not recyclable and no use of vegetable inks and non-toxic glue.

What’s Unique?
Our packaging included innovative Earth Board paper that’s cost efficient, provides high quality print, and can be recycled. In addition, we used sugar cane pulp trays to hold the device due its smoother texture, clean cream color, and high absorbability. We added compartments for the collateral, power adapters and SIM card.While the new design is deeper, it is also thinner and smaller, and we added columns of product creating a larger visual footprint for TELUS.