Captain’s Treasure (Concept)



Designer: Tomáš Chludil
Project Type: Concept
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Packaging Contents: Rum
Packaging Materials: Paper, Cotton Canvas, Glass

Tomáš Chludil’s work for Young Package 2015 with topic Happy Birthday.

Birthday is a time, when we give precious gifts to our dear ones. Gift is usually something precious, something like a treasure – just to hide it. Most of people us used to play in childhood at pirates, hide treasures a still many of us go on in this with geocaching. This desire of searching for unknown is with us for the whole life. My project reflect this – it is not just a package but also a map, which is necessary to find every treasure.

Captain‘s treasure is a package of rum, the beverage which could be more valuable for lonely sailors than gold. Bottle of good liquor is a traditional gift, but this time you give not only good alcohol but also a game and small adventure. When you unpack it, you‘ll find simple map to draw the location of place, where you will hide the bottle. Bottle is covered with textile bag which protects it from damage and make it more invisible.

Besides this marking it is also important to add another clue, either written or drawn. A also used smartphone possibilities to add taken pictures as another clue if it‘s necessary. Just scan first QR code and upload pictures of chosen place or some details. You will find them after scanning second QR code. The hiding place and amount of clues is always up to you. Let the fun begins.