Designer: Akun Kuo Yong Kung
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Wowme Village Co., Ltd Wowme Village Co., Ltd
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Rice
Packaging Materials: Wood, Paper, Rope, Plastic

XITIAN MI selects only the top 20 grains in size per 100 for such quality rice that values fresh-ground and fresh-made in a transparent, vacuum package delivers the solidest and best texture. XITIAN MI is derived from the so-called last pure land of Formosa (Taiwan), Fuli Township in Hualien County that between the Central and the Costal Mountain Range. The fertile land is run through rivers carrying rich organic minerals with no industrial pollutions. The fresh clean air is beneficial to the growth of rice with less blight and no concern about pesticide remains. These are key contributions to the great taste, purity, nature and no pollutions of XITIAN MI.