Design Agency: Garrofé
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Redenhair
Location: Barcelona, Spain

In Garrofé we developed the Branding and Packaging design of Redenhair, a new brand of hair care products. We wanted the brand to look innovative, futuristic, with powerful finish. That’s why all parts are developed under the same visual bloc, integrating all the meanings and values of the brand.

The main objective was to transmit the innovative technology of the product. The packaging had to go around this concept and, we wanted men’s reaction in the moment of purchase,

We developed a packaging code based on very strong contrasts, using the combination of black and red with metallic and matte finishes. We applied a masculine typography, hard and with a futuristic evocation.

As part of the graphic, we used an abstract texture of hair fibres, simulating a neon light to provide another meaning of strengthens, not only for the value of the brand, also for the benefits of the product.