Boston Light (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Christopher Caldwell
Project Type: Concept
Location: Boston, USA
Packaging Contents: Liquor
Packaging Materials: Wood

Off the coast of Massachusetts lies the oldest lighthouse in the country: Boston Light. To promote its three hundred year anniversary, a promotional gift set was created. Within this set, it contains a historical timeline of the lighthouse, two tickets to tour the lighthouse, and a bottle of black spiced rum. This commemorative packaging is aesthetically inspired by the lighthouse’s colors and its role of guiding sailors safely through the thick fog.

What’s Unique?
The wooden box the rum bottle sits in is handcrafted and stained to give the box a weathered effect, to aesthetically compliment the bottle and conceptually express the harsh Atlantic Ocean. The logo was then silkscreened onto the box to give it a more handcrafted feel since Boston Light is the oldest lighthouse in the country.