Gaetan Rose Wine Label

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

Creative Agency: the Labelmaker
Brand Naming: Jordan Jelev
Gaetan Rose Lettering: Jordan Jelev
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Oriachovitza Winery
Location: Bulgaria, EU
Packaging Contents: Rose Wine
Packaging Materials: Glass, aluminium cap, cork cap, self adhesive label, paper label, raised varnish, silver hot foil

Gaetan Rose wine label is part of the Gaetan brand but we decided to do a little bit different label. Rose wines have always been a special canvas for design ideas and creativity – not only in this particular case. As a first step we decided to change the bottle. The new one is produced by Saverglass and has very gentle and elegant feminine look – perfect for rose wine. Our second step was to change the paper from Manter’s Jade Raster (which we love to bits) to the amazing Velmart by our favorite producer UPM Raflatac. Velmart has very fresh white finish. The paper is thicker than usual and it is produced with unique random texture – if you like watercolors, then maybe this is the best paper for them. Speaking of watercolors – this time we did not use the original Gaetan image with hot foil, different colors etc. – we decided to redraw it with ….. watercolors! We used same pieces of blank Velmart paper and after several attempts, the new Gaetan rose artwork was ready! The colors vary from pale pink to light ruby red – just like the color of the wine in different light conditions. To make it even more attractive and catchy, we decided to overprinted with transparent raised varnish mixed with tiny glittering metal particles….. wow, when you get the bottle in your hands and you will see it shining! As a final touch of our work Jordan Jelev took his Wacom Cintiq and wrote with his own hand the Gaetan Rose name. These are the steps we’ve made for our Gaetan Rose transformation.

What’s Unique?
We used transparent raised varnish with small glittering metal particles that add extra shine to the label.