Creative Agency: Appartement 103 – Brand Design Agency
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ramón Bilbao
Location: Spain, Global launch

The boutique branding and packaging design agency Appartement 103 has worked with Ramón Bilbao, part of Diego Zamora Group, to create LaLomba: a new top-end rosé sub-brand that represents the most special wine of the range. Being currently the fastest growing winery in Rioja and widely regarded as one of the country’s most innovative producers in the premium segment, this launch positions Ramón Bilbao as the “terroir” reformers from Rioja.

Appartement 103 was briefed to develop a new brand that would convey the innovative DNA of Ramón Bilbao’s brand with a premium and sophisticated image, targeting fashionable consumers and following the international trends that acclaim rosé wines worldwide. Following recent insights of the market, the Spanish top wine sector is starting to strongly defend the “terroir” as a key quality indicator, Lalomba was created to reclaim the “terroir” as the best characteristic to identify the authenticity and exclusivity of a wine.

Planted in 1973, LaLomba represents a unique vineyard, located in one of the highest slopes in the D.O.C. Rioja, it is an exceptional environment with a personality of its own. The brand story captures the perfect terroir for Mr. Bilbao, a magical piece of land that allowed him to share with the World the best wine he could ever create.

“Our design team created and translated the brand story onto a fantastic illustration that has become the hero of the overall presentation. With a label screened on the back of the bottle, Ramón Bilbao’s dream is portrayed and augmented through the juice inside. The front label resonates elegance with simplicity, ensuring that the spotlight shines on the illustration itself.” says Marc Savary, Appartement 103’s Creative Director & Co-Founder.

LaLomba is a wine to be appreciated also with the eyes; therefore, Appartement 103 created an intriguing design that enhances the engagement between the product and its consumers. From the front label to the rear see-through illustration, the final design is a stunning presentation that projects the consumers into a visual odyssey.