Via Bergognone, 7, 20144 Milano MI, Italia

Creative Agency: BREAK
Designer: Eugenia Kalinovskaya
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Mareven
Location: Milan, Italy
Packaging Contents: Food

The Mareven Food Group owns several brands in the food industry. One of the most well-established is Rollton, a major player in the Russian and Ukrainian noodle market. Despite the group has production plants in both countries, Ukrainian consumers perceive Rollton an entirely Russian brand.

The misunderstanding caused some significant sales drop after the recent issues between the two countries.

It was necessary to restyle the packaging by stressing out the Ukrainian origins of the product, its appetizing appeal and the presence of natural ingredients.

In order to make everything look more natural, the agency chose to limit the use of the cold yellow tones used in the previous packaging. Now the white of a table of natural wood acts as a background and gives a genuine feel to the whole (a well received innovation that will be applied to future references as well). The product looks more appetizing also thanks to a new сlose up shot. On the left, a tag rationally conveys the most important information on the contents such as the presence of eggs, natural vegetables and Ukrainian wheat. A stamp with the blue and yellow flag communicates that the quality control is carried out in Ukraine. This was incorporated in the logo to further strengthen the association between Rollton and the country itself.