Independently Blue

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Creative Agency: PopArt Studio
Graphic designer: Terezija Katona
Photographers: Boris Jovanovic & Milinko Milicevic
Illustrator: Dusan Klepic
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Vladimir Jovicic
Location: Serbia
Packaging Contents: Spirit
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass

Independently Blue is a strong rakia label from Serbia (Alc. 40 ‰ vol.). Rakia (Serbian: rakija or ракија) is a fruit brandy – a strong alcoholic beverage usually produced by Slavic peoples in the Balkan region. The most famous rakia brandy is made from plum (called šljivovica in Serbian, or slivovits in English lettering), but it can also be made from grapes (loza), peach (breskovača), pear (kruškovača), apple (jabukovača), and many other types of fruit.

By its origin, Independently Blue is a pear rakia (kruškovača) for which we designed a logo and a corresponding label. The logotype is based on blue lettering, whereas label design includes an illustration of two prisoners in striped clothing playing trumpets (prison blues). Additionally, the label includes a milliliter counter, to see how much rakia you have left until you buy another bottle.

What’s Unique?
The label is finished with glossy varnish on the logo and pear illustrations.