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Design: Deepak Jangra
Project Type: Student Project
School: State university of performing and visual arts
Course: B.Des (product design)
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Plants
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital

The project is my class module work of packaging. I choose plant to be packed, which we buy from local nursery or local stores.

Usually when we go out to buy plants it really becomes hard to handle them and carry them safely to plant them straight away. Carrying plants seems unpleasant when we carry them in a plastic bags.

The things that i kept in mind was to inspire people while carrying plants. Packaging is a big part of advertising and spreading your message. Overall the pack must be made of Eco friendly material and the graphics must be strong enough to convey the green notion.

I did a lot other explorations and found the given design as most satisfying in terms of material, simplicity, convenience and conveying.

Although the graphics can be altered afterwards. The package can be a good set of gift of 1 to 3 plants.