Derrick Lin


Design: Existence Design Co., Ltd.
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Produced
Client: Custard Apple Corporation Limited
Packaging Contents: Food, Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

“At the first step away from home, we begin the search for a sense of homecoming.”

# Deconstructing the design information
Chulu, Taitung: By deconstructing the name “Chulu,” and by combining with the business philosophy of the founder, we are trying to lead the runaways to a place where they can leave behind all the worries and experience the beautiful inner message transmitted by the brand.

# Concept decomposition and analysis
“Only know the way back home when you’re away from home.”

Every brand contains an episode of untold story of the founder. Those processes, although appear to be ordinary, are actually the most essential elements in the deconstruction of the project. Located in Chulu, Taitung County, Lijiachuzou is a brand that combines Taitung sugar apple, pineapple, honey-flavored black tea, and nostalgia of the once runaway founder.

By coupling the gentle and soft color scheme with the visual interpretation of Chulu travelers, we reconnect the traveler and Chulu, conveying Lijiachuzou’s the most primitive emotional aspiration: “Starting from the moment of runaway, we are actually embarking on an inner journey seeking of belongingness.”

What’s Unique?
Prior to designing the project, we paid a visit to Chulu. By putting aside all the stereotype impressions, we experienced the streets, tea plantation, attractions, and every story episodes of the founder with a refreshing mind. The conversations were first transcribed, and then interpreted around the axis of Chulu. Surprisingly, we realized that Chulu is also nicknamed “Bahali Bay,” which means “the resting place”.

The integration and expansion of message at the pre-planning stage allows the design to further develop on the basis of more diversified sources. In the end, with the concepts of “Chulu travelers” and ” Chulu honey black tea,” we reinterpreted the elements of Lijiachuzou to transmit an inner desire for warmth, ease, sweetness, and a sense of belongingness.