KABANOSY. A new explosive taste

Dozen Agency

Agency: Dozen Agency
Art-director, Illustrator: Olena Tverdochlib
Art-director: Elena Havryliuk
Photographer: Olga & Evgeniya Drach
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: Dmytruk
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Dry sausages-snack

The ‘Dmytruk’ Company, №1 meat and sausage producer of Volyn, suddenly stopped the production of main products and placed stake on innovative for Ukraine.

Dry sausages made of natural meat and spices by exclusive technology.

Packaging design is impossible not to notice.

It’s a harmonious extension of the corporate rebranding and the new brand identity – the business with a human face.

Even in communication materials, the KABANOSY effect is evident: eyes are burning, hands are doing the job. That’s all about ‘Dmytruk’.

What’s Unique?
This is what KABANOSY fans want: peppered, spicy, and bombalicious! They’ve been clamoring for it—at least, this is the impression Dmytruk got from analyzing their feedback. This how a new line we helped the company’s team create came to be. First, we came up with the name, BOOM, and then put a spin on it with the slogan “boombalicious power” in the ads. Building on the name, we developed a package—an effective and powerful vehicle for the message “the new product gonna make your taste buds explode”.