LOJEE Coffee & Roastery

Widarto Impact

Trenggalek Regency, East Java, Indonesia

Design: Widarto Impact
Director of Design & Strategy: Eko Widarto
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Lojee Coffee & Roastery (Local Coffee Farmer)
Product Launch Location: Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Gusset pouch food grade, Paper cup
Printing Process: Screen printing

Lojee is our collaborative project with local coffee farmers in East Java, Indonesia. Lojee is a Dutch house name that is synonymous with coffee. Lojee’s owner is a coffee farmer who happens to be unable to afford expensive designs. With a low budget, we try to provide appropriate brand designs and have a good impact.

The basic idea of ​​this design is to strengthen the logo component as the main strength of the Lojee brand. We deliberately do not play the illustrations in this design, we emphasize more that Lojee is Coffee, Coffee is Lojee.

To strengthen the visual display element, we provide a holographic foil coating to strengthen the impression of this design. All packaging production processes are carried out by screen printing method, and this is an inexpensive cost.

We want to say that anyone can have a great brand. No exception for those who do not have a big budget.

What’s Unique?
Right decision to Stamp foil holographic finishing over black colors, strengthen the brand name of the branding part.