Widarto Impact

Trenggalek Regency, East Java, Indonesia

Widarto Impact has redesigned the packaging for Arummi Cashew Milk from Arummi Foods, Indonesia’s first plant-based startup. Arummi was founded with the mission to offer delicious and affordable plant-based milk for those who are lactose intolerant or prefer a dairy-free alternative. To achieve this, Arummi sought Widarto Impact’s expertise to create packaging that is easily recognizable and aligns with their vision and target audience, with the goal of enhancing customer connection and boosting sales through both retail and online channels.

In addition to redesigning the packaging, Widarto Impact developed product line designs, art direction, and brand communication guidelines for Arummi Cashew Milk. The design process included benchmarking previous designs and competitors’ packaging to ensure Arummi’s positioning as an industry leader. The new packaging stands out on store shelves and conveys premium quality at an affordable price.

The design team revamped the typography, modernized the illustrations, and developed a color scheme based on flavor profiles. The front of the packaging features the Arummi brand logo, a hand-drawn cashew illustration, a vegan-friendly icon, a flavor label, unique value claims, and information on sugar content and texture. The side of the packaging includes an illustration of a person scanning a QR code along with nutritional information.

The primary color palette now includes Bisque for Arummi Original and Warm Ash Gray for Arummi Barista. Additionally, illustrations of people were developed as key visual elements for both online and offline communication. The Colby Condensed typeface was used throughout the brand identity, replacing the previous formal font with a more natural, approachable look that represents the plant-based concept. Filson Pro, a versatile modern geometric sans serif, was chosen for subheadlines and body copy, known for its minimalist design suitable for various applications.

Widarto Impact’s redesign of Arummi Cashew Milk packaging and product line has made it easier for consumers to recognize and purchase Arummi’s premium yet affordable products.