Royal Salute 21-Year-Old Collection

Design: Butterfly Cannon
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Chivas Brothers
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Whiskey

Butterfly Cannon create a bold new look for the Royal Salute 21-Year-Old Collection

Royal Salute is a whisky that begins where others end with all Royal Salute whiskies being aged for a minimum of 21 years. This collection of 21-Year-Olds was originally created in 1953 to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II where the 21-gun salute was fired to honour her. Two new expressions, The Malt Blend and The Lost Blend, have now been added to the flagship Signature Blend. In an ever-evolving world of luxury expectations, we were approached to bring a fresh perspective to the brand’s design, respecting its rich heritage whilst amplifying the brand’s unique personality.

With a brand so steeped in tradition and proud of its royal lineage, the challenge was finding the perfect balance between injecting the right amount of contemporaneity to attract a younger generation, without alienating the loyalists (or Royalist!) consumers who love the associations this heritage brings.

Each box is finished in a different hue inspired by the precious stones set within the Imperial State Crown: sapphire blue for The Signature Blend, emerald green for The Malts Blend and a rich obsidian grey for The Lost Blend. Taking inspiration from the characteristic angled sashes of Royalty, this nod to tradition is represented on the box in a fresh and dynamic way, with subtle tone-on-tone graphics, highlighted by rich gold foiling and embossing. Whilst a diamond motif references the medals and badges of office worn on the sash and is used to emphasise the name of each blend and the all-important, 21-Year-Old age statement, which is picked out in gold foil and intricate micro embossed detail. On the side of the pack, a piece of silken fabric folded into a half diamond inspired by an elegant pocket handkerchief is a detail which aids in the opening of the box.

In order to enhance the gifting and opening experience, each box features a hinged door with die-cut diamond motifs, that first teases and then reveals a colourful, enchanting depiction of the British Royal Menagerie by the fine artist Kristjana S Williams, paying further tribute to the brand’s royal heritage. Inside the box, each blend is housed in a beautiful porcelain flagon. In order to ensure the traditionally crafted flagons remain true to the fresh approach to the outer packaging, the label graphics were subtly refined, whilst a diamond motif at the neck links back to the outer design and visually highlights the name of each blend.

“Royal Salute has an esteemed history and we have worked hard to ensure this heritage has remained at the heart of the brand as something we are exceptionally proud of. However, we also strive to ensure our portfolio is at the cutting-edge of Scotch whisky innovation and these latest creations are testament to this ambition. The whiskies in the new 21-Year-Old collection boast an impressive new look and exceptional taste, earning their titles as fit for royalty.” – Mathieu Deslandes, Marketing Director for Prestige Brands at Chivas Brothers