MOJT Bottled Cocktails

Shaking up Chinese cocktail culture with MOJT Bottled Cocktails

MOJT is a range of ready-to-serve bottled cocktails bringing Chinese megacity cocktail culture to Gen Z consumers. Created in collaboration with world-renowned mixologists and bartenders from the likes of The Gibson Bar, London & Danico, Paris, the new-to-world brand was created to disrupt the ready-to-drink category. Different from the existing pre-mixed cocktail brands, its large format bottles and easy ritual of spirit + mixer & ice, allow consumers the satisfaction of mixing their own cocktails, whether they be in a bar or at home.

Every aspect of our designs had to telegraphically convey cocktail culture to consumers who had little or no experience of it. Inspired by the concentrated nature of the liquid, our identity consciously draws the eye to the coloured droplet being squeezed into the ‘O’ of the impactful, vertically stacked MOJT word mark. The negative space alluding to the characteristic hourglass shape of a cocktail jigger whilst symbolising an open doorway into the world of cocktail culture.

The form of the bespoke bottle structure is inspired by the angular, tapered silhouette of classic cocktail shakers. The embossed facets covering the bottle deliver credible premium cues and engaging tactility, whilst helping consumers and bartenders grip the bottle for the all-important pour. Topped off with a bespoke faceted, metallic closure that can be used as a functional jigger.

Layering up the sensorial qualities, Butterfly Cannon worked with illustrator Philip Harris to craft a series of intricately illustrated panels that capture the deliciousness and vibe of each of the cocktails. Each one is full of discoverable details, including serve suggestions, ingredients and local wildlife, such as the Cuban Tocororo bird on the Mojito variant.

Launching less than a year ago with best-selling recording artist & Hollywood star Jay Chou as their Global Brand Ambassador, MOJT has already made a huge impact. Available in over 3000 retailers, it achieved #1 position for sales in China’s biggest online retailer, TMall, surpassing global spirits brands such as Martell and Hennessy.

MOJT…shaking up cocktail culture

Curator’s Insight: MOJT Bottled Cocktails is a design that captures the essence and excitement of cocktail making in a convenient and stylish way. The bottle shape is inspired by the iconic shaker, a symbol of cocktail culture and craftsmanship. The faceted surface creates a sophisticated and tactile appeal, while also enhancing the grip and pourability of the bottle. The metallic cap serves as a jigger, a handy tool for measuring the perfect balance of spirit and mixer. The labels are rich with details that showcase the ingredients, serve suggestions and local influences of each cocktail, such as the Cuban bird on the Mojito label. The illustrations add a touch of charm and personality to the brand, enticing consumers to discover and savor each cocktail.


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